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Well you were warned not to click here weren't you! But who knows, you may be the partner we are looking for?

Wanted ... Partner

A partner is needed and wanted to help raise $200,000, build an aeroplane, equip it, and send it off to the mission fields of Australia and the Pacific Islands.

If the prospects of this project do not excite you, read no further. However, if you would like to know more, read on.


An Old Plane—the Gospel Always New

In 1962, Les Nixon purchased, White Wings the plane, a twenty-year-old flying lady. It was an eight passenger, box cabin, fabric covered twin-engine bi-plane with two Gypsy Major GM 120hp motors, and many in built vices and bad habits. It was a leftover from World War II, as an Air Force navigational trainer. It carried evangelists throughout the wilderness of Australia until its wooden airframe was condemned 20 odd years later.

White Wings the plane, a twenty-year-old flying lady

The Dragon now stands in a museum in Scotland. Pilots and teams rent aircraft. Suitable aircraft are difficult to hire, and the number of teams going out is increasing. We cannot fulfill requests for transport from evangelists. Airlines and buses do not go where they want to go.

Steve Blake was the first outsider invited to go into Boganville after the end of 10 years of civil war. Special charter flight cost were huge, and he had to pay two trips, once to get there and again to be picked up. No regular service goes there!

Chrysalis drama were stranded on Cape York Penensula in July 98, could not continue mission work, as no replacement Aircraft could be found, hired cars and drove over 2,600 miles home.

The Need
A permanent replacement aircraft to provide transport for Christians involved in evangelism and mission. Rugged high wing design prefered. This is truely an investment in misionary outreach.

Factory built aircraft start at A$500,000 and a truly suitable type is over 1.5 million dollars. Outback Patrol is financed solely by donations. Our loyal base of supporters (just) keep the School Of The Air, the training though the Institute and Explorers magazine going out. Evangelists have regular jobs and use their holidays to go on trips. In addition they pay the equivalent of approx. $1000 US for fuel and aircraft hire each, for a 1 week’s trip.

Find someone, or a group of people who share our vision to reach these far away places, people who want to see the message taken out by effective, experienced people, with proven ability, and a strong track record such as Les Nixon, Steve Blake, Dennis Schipp, Ray Knight and many others too numerous to name.

What has Florida got to do with it?
Well in Florida we found an aircraft that has the attributes we need for remote area operations, it is unique, just like old "White Wings" it lifts its own weight.

It has a super reliable Turbine engine, that is suited to our large distances over desert country and short over water flights to the islands. It can carry a large payload, meaning supplies can be taken as well as people, and most of all the cost is a fraction of any thing else we have seen. It is made by Aerocomp Inc 2335 Newfound Harbor Dr., Merritt Island, FL 32952 USA, and is called the Comp Air 10. http://aerocompinc.com/

Comp Air 10

More information on Australia’s Out Back Patrol is available on our web site www.outbackpatrol.com.au

Thanks for considering our proposal. If you feel that you may be able to help us, we ask that you pray it through, then contact us with questions or request for more information.

Steve Ward
Australia’s Outback Patrol
11 Yacaaba St.
PO Box 279
Nelson Bay
NSW 2315 Australia

Email Steve@NelsonBay.com

Phone 61 249 841422
Fax 61 249 842692

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