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This Is God Speaking

Old Nellie found herself in the next bed to Val Torning at Sydney's Bankstown Hospital. All night, dear Nellie moaned and groaned in her fear of death and what may follow.

After a long dreary night of this, Nellie was reprimanded by the nurses, and asked to be quiet and let others sleep. Tranquilizers did not seem to work and she moaned repeatedly to God to save her from dying.

Next day, Val tried to comfort Nellie and tenderly explained God's plan for her, and that when she fully trusts Christ as her Saviour, the fear of death will pass away. Confidence in the Lord is the secret, and she prayed for Nellie. In fact, John 14 says,"Let not your heart be troubled," and Psalm 23 is everyone's favorite, "I will fear no evil, for thou art with me," etc., etc.

But to no avail. By 3am, Val and the others could bear it no longer, and called for the nurse. Still old Nellie who was too weak to walk, but was strong enough to call out to God for help, and repeated endlessly, "Don't let me die here."

When the nurses' scolding did no good, wide-awake Val sat up in her hospital bed in the darkened room, took a deep breath, and called out softly, "Nellie, can–you–hear–me?"

Soon Nellie heard it and replied, "Yes, who is it?"

Valiant Val gently said, "This is God speaking!" which startled Nellie into reality, and she asked, "Is it really you God? What do you want with me?'

And Val yelled in a loud voice heard down the hallways, "Now Nellie! Keep quiet, go to sleep, and give us all a break!"

Nellie, thus suitably quietened by a voice from above, rolled over, dropped off to sleep and was not heard to murmur another groan all night long.

Next day, Val heard Nellie pray a prayer of confession, as she received the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour.

And, all fear is passed away.

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