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Relationships that Matter Relationships that Matter
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Snippets from Les Nixon
Les Nixon Story
   Page One

   Page Two
Martha and Les Nixonʼs 80th Birthdays
Nixon Thumbnail—From the 1940s to Todayl
Trinity Mystery Uncovered?
December Fly'n,Hi News
Nixon Family Page Photos
Nixon Famiy Heritage
Les Nixon Publishes Book
Centenary of Aviation
Obituary for Common Sense
The Old Rusted Cross
The Miracle Book
Is It Santa or Jesus at Christmas?
Who Started Christmas Anyhow?
The Meanings of the "Attributes" of God
Haiti Recovery Story by David Nixon
End of the World
Boy Jesus with the Temple Rabbis
Reason and Revelation Discord ... An Apologetic
The Meaning of Truth
How Christmas Came to Roaring Camp
Did God Manipulate Adam and Eve?
Prayer for the Nations
Show Me the Money Show Me the Money
Father's Day
What in the World Is the GPS?
The Aussie Flag
Boreham's conversion and call—1890's in London
Listen to F W Boreham on the Old Wireless
The Saga of Snake Creek Bore
Where Was God in the Tsunami? and the 400 Saved on the Mountain
Australia's Christian Heritage
Crikey, Steve
Pilot's Stories
Adrian's Didge' Still Talkin' (Adrian's Digeredoo)
Waltzing Matilda
Flying With Early Sky Pilots in Austraila, 1929
How the Injured Stockman Was ... Saved
Believe and Get Lucky!
Preacher and the Rusty Chain by David Stanfield
Eternity: The story of Arthur Stace
Christmas Thoughts
If I Were The Devil by Paul Harvey
The Lost Pilot
The Pompous Professor
The Sheep Story
Internet Playschool!
Flying Lessons From .... Geese!
Les Nixon Remembers His First Solo Flight
Tough Outback School
Richie Patrol
Will the Real Jesus Stand Up
Maxims for The Internet
A Little Hug'll Do!
This Is GOD Speaking
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