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Gunston and Nixon Go Bush

Richie Gunston
Richie Gunston

Ascore of young cotton-chippers will never forget when Richie and Les landed on them on a Saturday night in December near Goondiwindi, Queensland for carols. They were relaxing after a long hours in the cotton, but with enough bounce to throw around ideas and questions about Christianity. Richie chuckled as he sang and they joined in boisterously. It was called atmosphere.

Les showed them how to 'answer-any-man-that-asks-you-according-to ...' and when it was all over, an air or worship and awe filled the hostel where they live. They quietly sang 'Into My Heart' and next morning testified of God's answering their need and prayers. Richie prayed with an Andrew and Les counselled Nathan. Chrissie claimed she will train for missionary work to Muslims, and Peter is praying for God's guidance where he will serve. Leaders encouraged others, and invited the evangelists to come back.

This was one of the functions on patrol inland with schools, clubs, a hospital, churches, and events in six townships, and an outdoor carols courtesy of area clergy. They flew the Piper Lance Vh-JNV 12 hours through three states.

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