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Internet Playschool

Twelve-year-old Rachel Timperon is miles ahead of her grandad, Pastor Ron Clarke, when it comes to serving the people, and the www.

Her clergyman grandad only now mastered the internet, but his diminutive granddaughter not only told him how to do it, but has set up her own page, and e-mails monthly news to youngsters her own size.

The internet calls her contacts 'subscribers', but no money changes hands. It's called 'ekidis world' and adults love it. It is a mixture of children's news and Christian support, and schools say it supports their teaching roles.

It costs Grandad Ron on-line fees, but Rachel gives everything away free. Grandad Ron preached to only a hundred people each week for his whole life, but Rachel can talk to hundreds every day by e-mail. It's based in Australia's remotest island south (Tasmania), and flashes to the most remote outback homestead and across the world, instantly.

Rachel won't say when her birthday is, but she remembers everyone else's. She only knows the English language, but e-mails in four computer formats. She has her own e-mail address: rachel@tassie.net.au

Ron's love for Jesus Christ and people showed up in his descendants. Rachel says Outback Patrol put her in touch with unreachable outback children with this. Pastor Ron is toward the end of his working life, but Rachel is at the beginning of hers.

Ron has gathered most of his 'fruit', as in Psalm 126:6, but Rachel still has her greatest harvest ahead.

Editor: For a photo of Rachel, etc., email your request to her, and she'll try to send you one by return. Rachel at: rachel@tassie.net.au

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