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Pilot's Stories

Flying in Australia's outback presents many a challenge, vast distances, few navigation aids, unreliable weather forecasts, extremes of temperature, all couple to make for challenging flying.

Dedicated Christian pilots transport evangelists to the remote settlements, and in the process have some interesting stories to tell.

It is hoped that soon Les will find some time in his busy schedule to reminisce about his experiences in the faithful De Haviland Dragon aircraft, that served the Patrol well, until it became impossible to maintain its wooden airframe. (it now stands in a Scottish Museum).

We have a story about one Patrol which, due to strong head winds, landed at last light, MILES FROM NO WHERE, and spent a very lonely and scary night. Woken up by a loud noise in the middle of the night, by a freight train that passed within yards of the plane, on tracks they hadn't seen as they landed. They took off at first light and flew in to meet a large group of people gathering to go and search for them.

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