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This Is Outback Patrol


Welcome ...This is Australia's Outback Patrol. A Christian Community service to the Outback Community—Continuously from 1961.

To towns too small for a church but too big to overlook. In association with Churches of all denominations, and schools in all States.

    To towns too small for a church
but too big to overlook.
They land the plane where they
have to.
  Special school sessions during
the days.
Mr. Garry (GoodNews) Reynolds the Christian Clown.   Family functions in the evenings.
Gary (Mr. Magic) Jackel.   Mr. Adrian (Didge') Ross.

Chris and Matt of Sydney's
Quizworx puppets and music.

  Natalie Miller's Sally Squad
With skilled Entertainers and Motivators.  

Children interact with the evangelist.

Pilot Gary talks the the Christmas
Gospel even during the drought.
  Hundreds of happy children
receive Christmas packages
every year.
The Explorers Magazine comes
on request every month and goes
to hundreds of isolated schools.
It all began with the Nixons in
this plane.
  They still fly outback, this time
in a Beech Duchess.
Other volunteer pilots carry teams
on patrol.
Contact Les Nixon
  ... or contact any of the teams.
Garry "GoodNews" Reynolds
  Natalie "SallySquad" Miller
Matt Gorton Quizworx
Australia's Outback Patrol
Georges Hall NSW 2198
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Remember: 'Don't back out on the outback!'

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