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New Worker Wanted

Expressions of Interest:

Outback Patrol is searching for a 'flying-padre' to extend and consolidate the ministry outback.

Any qualified Christian worker would fit in if he enjoys flying a light plane to remote places, meeting people who live in isolated communities, teaching the Gospel and entertaining children in small schools, nurturing families on far-flung homesteads through his developed communication skills, compiling reports for newsletters, doing radio programmes and teaching others to do the same things, and balancing the books. Just so long as he does not only preach. He must be able to walk the talk. He can live anywhere he wishes, and occasionally, he may even be invited to speak to city church groups about his work....

He would work with volunteer teams doing the same kind of work. If he is able to begin to raise his own support in advance, he would be impress the mission immensely. If he has not begun yet, we can help him get started.

That's what's needed. Do you think you fit?  Let us know ...

Outback Patrol
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Georges Hall NSW 2198


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