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To Alice and Back

The Colley's at Wilcannia warmly welcomed the Mottram team to their Sunday 5pm function on their first day on patrol. Great response to Jane's Prodigal Pig puppet and Phil and Steve's music. Locals longed to hear more of Jesus Christ, and that's why they came, regardless of the heat draining their energies. They met the locals in town, a bit scary until at ease about it all at the White Cliffs School next day. That's the way each day unfolded. The team headed out to fit in as much as possible in the few days. The Piper Lance took them to Tibooburra, Alice, Yulara, Oodnadatta, Roxby, Leigh Creek, Broken Hill and Ivanhoe all in the cause of Gospel outreach and to encourage the few Christians in their towns.

Jubilant is the only way to describe the responses. Tim's photos captured glorious scenes in colour, and would like to show them around. They are truly the hand of an artist, capturing God's greatest artistry. Best of all, Heaven's recorded those whose lives were being changed through the power of Christ's Gospel. The only delay occurred when the plane's alternator failed, and Alice's MAF replaced it overnight. From then on, the instruments worked perfectly. The team are busy now in reporting tot their supporters the fruit of their labour, and praying for another opportunity to return outback.

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