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Remarkable Journey Through Time


With its endless coastline and vast expanses of red, sandy desert, our continent, seemingly unaffected by time, harbours unique inhabitants and dramatic scenery. That's Australia. Bigger than a score of nations in West Europe.

When you depart the vast coastline, and penetrate a thousand miles into the empty centre, you enter an ageless space that lives and grows through the milleniuea.

Skittish kangaroos bound majestically across the plains, thorny desert devils scamper comically through the spinifex and shy koala families take siestas, lounging together atop their eucalyptus perches. Exotic rainforests and cascading waterfalls also are counted among our continent's hidden treasures, viewed by only the selected few.

That's tracing the untold era and journey of the southern continent island, Australia: It's a land beyond time and explores the lavish richness, diversity and uniqueness of the continent's life, life that survived during the most challenging of man's explorations and voyages.

It brings into close focus animals that hop instead of run, creatures that have fur yet lay eggs, ants that plant seeds, plants that were the food of dinosaurs and water birds that fly inland to breed only every few years when sporadic rains come.

Through the most ingenious of human strategies, man's camera lens captures how life has managed to flourish on impoverished soils. Where flood and drought go hand-in-hand. In breathtaking imagery, the adventurer exists through extreme climates and would perish unaided. He surveys some of the most surreal and fascinating landscapes on earth. Everywhere are eroded sea beds and vibrant, red sand dunes that merge with far horizons to the jeweled sea of its immense coral reef.

Australia's outback is a remarkable journey through time.

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