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Shining the Light across Australia's Outback

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The Patrol Institute

You can now access the institute materials
on the Internet.... Click HERE

To towns too small for a Church...
too big to overlook.

When Col Jones attended his first Institute classes he wondered about it all. After a few weeks, he said: "Wow, it's changing my life".

Six months later, he returned with his Uniting Church workers and urged them to tackle our practical studies. Three years later, he claims the help from his teachers has opened new doors for the ministry, and he courageously advances in his special contact with ethnic and local teens in the Belmore area of Sydney. Col Joins a team on Patrol outback during his annual holidays, as stewardship of time in service to people. Col is one of six hundred in the last fifteen years, some Outback Patrol graduates have moved on to missionary work in other countries, some have entered theological colleges to prepare for full-time ministry and others have returned to become teachers themselves.

Course Information

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Patrol Institute students graduate after three-months intensive studies and practical training. Courses are held at Patrol HQ in Mar/Apr/May, and Jul/Aug/Sept each year. Twelve topics; expert faculty; proven results.

The great benefit of the Outback Patrol Institute is in retraining local Christians in their Church and youth work. Outreach became more effective.

Evening sessions continue every Tuesday of the academic year. The faculty is made up of some of Australia's leading evangelical workers. "Tuition is offered free, as the Institute is wholly supported by the Lord's people."

Glad Bowman said she thanks the Lord for Outback Patrol, and those who reached her for Christ. She came from Tibooburra.

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Les and Martha Nixon escort identity Matron Mills on return visit to Tibooburra. This lady's Christian witness turned the town around and opened Outback Patrol work in 1961. Her testimony lives on.

And Now you can access the institute materials on the Internet.... Click HERE

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