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Outback Patrol Team Planning

Ten easy steps: How to Do It!"

This is basic information to assist a Gospel group to setup and tackle a flying patrol outback.

Commission: Acts 28:28 "Be it known therefore unto you that the Salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it."

This is for experienced teams of Christian communicators. Puppets, Magic, Clown, Street Drama, Crafts, Chalk Board Evangelism, Music, etc., for outback school classes. This is for those with whom ministry comes naturally, from constant activity. This is no place for beginners to try, or to practice. Until outback places gather local Christian people, this is no place for those who are preachers only; you will not be tolerated by the people. But when you fine-tune a method of objects or techniques to demonstrate the Gospel to the unchurched, you'll have a blast—outback.

Remember: "Tackle nothing you can't bathe daily in prayer" – as in Jer. 33:3

As Martin Luther confessed: I'm so busy today I must double my prayer to four hours!

Outback Patrol is a mission by volunteers to bring the Gospel to outback people. To towns too small for a church but too big to overlook. (There are no salaried workers in Outback Patrol).

Patrol teams usually do innovative religious instruction in school classes in the daytimes—and teaching functions with families and a home group in the evenings. Each patrol reaches around 900 people, face to face.

When your Church has an experienced team, start with a computer, email and Google connection, web site, map of outback towns, and sample patrol itineraries. You are ready to start planning.


Phone calls will be rare; only as needed. 99% planning is via email.

Begin a prayer warriors group immediately. Keep them in the loop.

See patrol samples at: www.outbackpatrol.com.au






Then, begin your planning around five weeks before departure: (not too early, to avoid conflict with other team planning at the same time, and reduce school principals workloads.)

1. Confirm your leader and team members, to organise functions; rehearse and conduct local meetings to practice and gain experience and gain confidence, and raise support for your travel costs, as required.

Discuss the project with your home Church; it is a missionary venture; tell them that you wish to represent the Church and wish their commissioning and sending functions; and that you'll report back to your church the account of the patrol.

a. Arrange pilot, book your plane. Verify hours / maintenance release / hours remaining / no double bookings / conflict, no. of passengers, luggage, weight limitations etc.

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b. Suggest a six-day itinerary to fifteen towns, round-robin, and calculate total plane costs. Err on the high side, include setup itinerary costs; landing fees, accommodation as required, occasional meals, drinks etc.—agree on equal-share budget. Outback Patrol takes it's share, too.

c. Verify aviation insurance is current and effective, with advice from a reputable Aviation Insurance Consultant.

2. Appoint one on the team as organiser/secretary, responsible to arrange/adjust/confirm itinerary details.

a. Agree on team duties; loading/unloading, tie-downs, phone calls, meetings log, literature, results, costs, other, etc., Keep pilot free to concentrate on nav/fuel/flying and safety duties.

b. Create an A5 flyer-handbill-advertising sheet with team photos in action, to attach to your emails to outback contacts. Create a Computer file of active team photos.

c. Include the link to your team web site, other teams web sites, and ... www.outbackpatrol.com.au.

3. Create an itinerary spreadsheet page for your proposed dates days times places and contacts. (We have samples for you). Places may change during set up and bookings.

a. Build an email Address Book of ... a) schools b) padres c) contacts. (To book and confirm a dozen places, you may need to cycle through a score of contacts.)


b. Email all towns a month ahead lead time. Some practice the 'one email for all' (bcc) which shows date day time place. Readers identify their day and time to book your team. Ask for our samples for you to see for yourself.

c. Book overnights first; fill in days when nights confirmed. Prefer overnights in larger towns with Christian contacts, and avgas, and motels.

d. Email your proposed schedule to ... les@outbackpatrol.com.au to avoid overlap with other teams at the same time.

e. Reply to contacts to confirm, adjust, change, or cancel them, and add new contacts. This will require about an hour a day.

Four and three weeks ahead:

4. Review each step as needed. Resend your No. 1 email to 'slow' replies, or those lost or 'not-received-yet'.

a. Remember to Hook their interest, add Humor in the right way, Hang on to them, and Help them to invite you. Make friends. Then, Hit 'em with all you've got. (As advised Dr. Paul White, the famous Jungle Doctor.)

Add a new photo to your No. 2 and No. 3 reminder emails.

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5. Keep prayer warriors in the picture regularly. Continue rehearsals, local meetings, raising travel funds.

Two weeks ahead:

6. Repeat steps as needed to work toward your target. (Remember, many places will not confirm till the last minute; so, remind them.)

a. Print and distribute final patrol Spreadsheet to team and supporters about one week ahead, for prayer and support. Pilot works on the flight plan, and refuel stops.

Patrol Time:

a. Arrange a Sunday Commission and Dedication as part of your Home Church Service. They are sending you. You refer to your home church in your conversations outback.

7. Send off is usually a special time for all ... Proceed with, and fulfill the schedule as arranged.

a. Daily phone ahead to each place ETA; pick up request, etc., This 'may' be done from school to school phones. Ensure your mobile phone functions in remote places.

b. Keep record of results, contacts, decisions, etc. Do not write down names and addressses of children. Use caution making school photos; only with approval, and avoid faces, to meet School criterea. Film deftly.


c. Email back photos to each school later, if it includes their faces. Be transparent, and parents will approve.

d. During the Patrol, suggest and confirm dates, details and arrangements for your next Patrol, six months ahead, at each town.

e. Each team member keep your own diary of places, people, events, impressions, stories, testimonials, etc. Suitable diary writing time is in the plane between stops, when events are fresh and memory is clear.

f. Watch for towns with Am/Fm radio; discuss option for local interview.

g. En-route on Patrol, adjust itinerary as required, due change in weather, delays, breakdowns, changes, team, etc., In the event of uncertainty, team leader has the final word/vote/decision. Seek agreement in the team.

h. Overfly and cancel late towns to maintain itinerary as much as possible. Do not attempt to squeeze all back into less time. Phone apologies or changes as needed. Offer to return.

i. During the week, patrols progressive report should be completed in detail. Email to Patrol office upon return.

j. Phone report back to sponsors results; offer praise and rejoicing for God's blessing.

After the Patrol is completed:

8. The follow-up to new commitments and contacts begins now; email, phone, letters of encouragement. Continue as required.

a. Ensure all Patrol funds are in; bills paid, nothing outstanding. Prepare reconciliation/report. Copy to OP. Expect landing fees three or four months later.

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b. Be sure the team meets one week later to review, discuss and rejoice in prayer together. For accountability.

c. Offer to counsel members of next Patrol team what you've learned; how they may apply themselves to their opportunity.

d. Please note suggestions, hints, corrections, etc., of how the ministry can be conducted better; how people can be reached for Christ more speedily, best follow-up methods, and how the few believers outback can be encouraged in the faith—better.

e. Diaries of the Patrol may be suitable to publish for the encouragement of the sponsors. Please consider this as a vital part of the ongoing ministry. Many appear at www.outbackpatrol.com.au

f. Create a Power Point of pictures and videos and text of the patrol—may be helpful in telling the outback story. Also, please consider this another way to share the story and encourage others to go. Use it in a church service. It may be placed at www.outbackpatrol.com.au.

g. Plan for your next flying patrol. Be sure to book yourselves for your return visit, during your actual patrol. In this way, you reduce your workload, and report a worthy follow-up and new outreach for the future.

General Matters:

9. You are the representative of The Lord Jesus Christ, Outback Patrol, and your home Church. Rare. Few and far between.

a. Aim for the execution of the patrol arrangements to follow the process of contacts, information, booking,


adjustments, accountability, follow up, etc., etc., as per the Spreadsheet.

b. When a team does not wish to follow the Outback Patrol format, proceed with your own management criteria. Outback Patrol will be praying and supporting you as much as possible, but cannot be associated with your ministry if you do not follow accepted and time-proven Outback Patrol methods. Do not mention us. If necessary, say you work alone, not associated with Outback Patrol.

c. When you find a better method, please use it, and include it in these notes for future teams to benefit.

d. It is to be understood that teams of Christian people working with Outback Patrol comply with the Outback Patrol Mission Statement of Faith and Practice, which has been observed and respected since 1961. To do this, team members are asked to especially avoid doctrinal or belief conflicts either publicly or in personal discussions. You will meet people who disagree with you, so be prepared to avoid confrontation. When in doubt; err toward caution. Weakness argues; strength is assured, and resists conflict. When theology is argued, atheism grows. It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

e. Your witness will leave an impression; either favorable or unfavorable; ensure it is wholly favorable, even when in direct conflict with error, disagreement or sin. Be a Barnabas rather than a Peter—as even St. Paul admitted that Barnabus came out on top in the end. Read all of Romans #14.

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f. While you are working with Outback Patrol, you have only one function; to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Leave conflict and arguments to other people. Do not bring OP into such a cloudy area.

g. Local Christian work outback is very frail at best. Do your part to make it stronger.

Notes to Team:

10. Attempt to complete the Patrol arrangements according to the confirmed itinerary. In this way, each are informed of places, people, changes and opportunities, and even the problems that may arise—to cover in prayer—and expect success and victory.

a. Disclaimer: Les Nixon and Patrol Directors and various teams and pilots are eager to offer all the support possible to make your patrol a success, and will assist. However, the final confirmations and arrangements are wholly the responsibility of your Patrol team, to avoid misunderstanding, overcome missed details, and clear up confused arrangements. Consult and use previous Patrol itineraries as a sample of what you could do, and how you may do it. Complete and return the information below for Patrol office information.

b. Since 1961, patrol team volunteers have conducted more than 45,000 Gospel functions in outback towns and schools, in association with padres, missions and churches, and approved by the States Departments of Education. For the expansion of the Kingdom. Still counting.

Benediction: Ephesians 1:17-18 "God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ ... give you wisdom and see clearly and really understand who Christ is, and


all that He has done for you ... So that you can see something of the future He has called you to share".

Proposed Dates:

Team Name:

Function? (Puppets? Drama? Magic? etc.,)


Phone/Email :

Phone/Email: Plane: VH-???


Name of your Home Church:

Our address is:

Click HERE to Contact Us

Outback Patrol National HQ
36 Georges Crescent,
Georges Hall, NSW 2198

Phone 02 9727 2759

ADDITIONS: If your church wishes to commission a flying couple for door-to door-evangelism in small towns, Outback Patrol will welcome you warmly. Urgently needed. Great rewards. Just so long as you are sent by your local home church, with the blessing of your minister and congregation.

It's an active mission field, and needs more workers for the harvest.

Positions Vacant: Carpenter from Nazareth. Needs joiners. Zeal required. On the job experience.


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