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The First Church in Australia - 1793

St. Philips Monument, Sydney
At the corner of Hunter and Bligh Streets in Sydney is a stone memorial to a 1793 mud-brick Church and its minister. It is also a monument to the first school in Australia, built by Anglican Chaplain, The Revd. Richard Johnson from his own pocket. The lessons were taught by former convict Isabella Rosson. Rosson married William Richardson who joined her in the teaching. It was T-shaped of mud bricks, thatched roof, dirt floor and plank seats. The students were children of the Corps, settlers and convicts.
St. Philips Monument, Sydney  
The first church in Australia built by the Rev. Richard Johnson in 1793.
The first church in Australia built by the Rev. Richard Johnson in 1793.
Classes were daily at a penny a week, and Christian services held on Sundays. The building was burned to the ground on October 1, 1798 by disgruntled convicts. During its five years, around 200 children had attended classes.

After the building was destroyed, St. Phillips moved to Lang’s Park, before the third St. Phillips was built in 1856 at it’s present York Street site, the Rocks, adjacent to the Harbour Bridge southern Pylon.
St. Philips, Sydney Now
St. Philips, Sydney Now
Sydney Harbour Bridge and Skyline
Sydney Harbour Bridge and Skyline
(In 1787, the British Government hired 9 ships and set about provisioning them, together with 2 Naval vessels and officers, with enough supplies for the six-month journey, half way around the world, and to keep the 759 convicts, their Marine guards, some with families, and a few civil officers, until they became self-sufficient at the colony of New South Wales, after landing on January 26th, 1788.)
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