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Jerusalem The Wednesday After Easter

From The Jerusalem Clarion—AD33 Exclusive Staff Reporter

The body of the Lord Jesus Christ disappeared almost 3 days ago—ironically while in Jerusalem as a special envoy trying to obtain freedom and salvation for civilisation.

It is known that he was crucified at Golgotha with two thieves. His body was later placed in the tomb of a friend, with Roman guards posted as security.

Jesus Christ at the time of his death, was negotiating a peace deal between rival satanic factions on behalf of Almighty God when he was snatched Thursday night from a private meeting with his friends in the Garden of Gethsemane. On his first public mission to earth, the Lord Jesus Christ was grabbed by kidnappers in the garden, in front of his disciples.

He had been at prayer. Diplomats and friends in Jerusalem warned him not to return to the city, saying it was too dangerous. Jesus ignored their pleas and became a hostage, leading to his untimely death. Before the night he vanished, Jesus Christ, who claimed to be the Saviour of the world, had led his disciples in what is now thought to be his Last Supper, and was warned that a traitor in the camp would carry out a secret rendezvous with Priests of the Temple.

A certain amount of money was involved in what has now been called—the betrayal. His captors, unlike other terror groups, never directly claimed responsibility for his kidnapping, and declined to issue documents confirming their claims. After the burial, they simply claimed the Roman guards stole the body. This was later denied by the Pro Consul. This led many worried Christian followers to speculate that Jesus' body had truly been stolen—or spirited away. Secret service personal have been on the job searching for the body since Sunday. Freed criminal Barabus, who was to die on Friday, but who gained a reprise when Jesus was convicted, said he admired the man who took his place.

This raised hopes that Barabus may have retrieved the body, but he denied it. Barabus was convinced that Jesus was still alive, after coming out of the tomb. He said he felt like he'd been given a new lease of life himself. During the three days after the crucifiction, followers of Jesus kept vigil at various homes in the city, and visited the tomb Sunday to discover it was empty. They have devoted themselves to maintain the watch until Jesus body is discovered. They intend to give it a Christian burial. Some said it would be impossible to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Some religious observers still claim this today....

In the pomp of triumph, Christ arose!

The Bible account of Easter is the story of God's Wonderful Window of Divine Surprise.

At Easter, the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer.

Something happened at Calvary which made Christ more alive on the streets of the world every day since.

Christianity begins where religion ends—at the resurrection.

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