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Adrian's Didge' Still Talkin'

Children at Quilpie squinted and peeked hard to see Adrian Ross when he walked in. They picked his long black hair first; no haircut in 8-years. The sonorous didge’ sounds caught them.

Been on patrol there; now back for a reconciliation night, playing his magic didgeredoo like an orchestra. He played someone’s name through his dig’, and it was loud. “Get up,” children yelled.  “He’s calling you!” He had fun.

Some drove from Eromanga and Thargo and Charleville.  From stations all over the west.  He blew them away with his beautiful playing, and had them singing his song. “Being together is like an orchestra,” he warned. “You only get the best music when all the players keep in tune and follow the conductor!”  He is right, and they knew it.  Jesus is our Conductor; he wrote the music, he keeps the score. “Before you were born, God knew you, and He has a great plan for you.” All made sense. “And your time and effort; the sweat and the aches pave the way to success.”  They had to think about that, as boredom outback drives children to petrol sniffing, X-rated videos and lawlessness.

Ten air students out from Alice Springs joked over the live video. He was on their screens.  “You’re a legend!” one fellow announced.  “And you can be too when you dedicate yourself to a dream.” When he had a moment he’d explain that Jesus was his reason for living.  “Couldn’t do it without him.” So many other things take you away from the Lord.  “Don’t let it,” he’d say. 

Broken Hill High sat on the hard ground in the sun to hear him. Delayed exams an hour.  “Play another?” he was asked, so he did.  Then he repeated the same idea, “Eat those exams, then shoot for the stars.” Then Principal reminded students to adhere to Adrian's words, and they'd turn out OK.

Bourke students delayed an hour too; one lad followed his steps everywhere to catch his magic. Teacher said, “First time he’s done that!”

Then Adrian Ross performed at Sydney’s School Spectacular in the Enter Centre to 40,000 people.  He asked people again to pray for him; then he plans to play for the troops in Baghdad on Christmas Day.  “That’s dangerous, but a huge high,” he said.

That’s our www.adrianross.com ... Log on and see him for yourself.

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