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NOTE: If you are interested to talk to a person about the activity of Outback Patrol, you are welcome to phone any of the following people. All volunteers, all committed to the ministry, and able to answer any of your questions.


About Patrols, phone ...
Steve Ward 0428 841 422

Flying, phone
Phil Lamb 0403 313 135
Bill Smart 0419 606 219  

Institute, phone
Keith Thompson 02 9523 3331

Mailday volunteers, phone
Kay Newton 02 9534 8880

Explorers Magazine, phone
Bob Walker 089 453 3006

Schools of the Air, phone
Gwenda Sadler
0417 047 264

Accountability, phone
Ross Swane 0419 224 667

OP Directors, phone
Graham Harriott 02 9525 5242

... each of whom will discuss the work frankly with you.

Outback Patrol National HQ
36 Georges Crescent
Georges Hall, NSW
Australia 2198

Phone 02 9727 2759

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