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Centenary of Aviation and The OZ Gospel

Within twelve years ...of the Wright Brothers' first controlled flight in 1903, Christian men were flying bi-planes in WW1. These men began using their flying skills for the spread of the Christian Gospel immediately after the 1918 cessation of hostilities, and one, the Rev. Len Daniels emigrated from the UK to Australia to serve with the early Bush Church Aid ministry based at Wilcannia, NSW. Daniels became the world's first flying Padre, and was later a strong supporter of the work of Outback Patrol untill his death at 92. Nixon's modern Cessna fascinated him, taking him back to his old parish towns in the west many times in the 70s where he continued his work.


Revered as the 'world's first flying padre,' Rev. Len Daniels opened up the far west in his Puss Moth plane from 1928, using a Shell map where there were few roads, and was the inspiration for John

Flynn's Flying Doctors. Later, he flew with Les Nixon often (with new aviation maps) and encouraged young people to capture technology to keep proclaiming the unchanging Gospel. He is shown here with Les Nixon at an OP dinner around '85.


All in the Flight on the way ...
"Can Padre Nixon fly the patient to the hospital?" was the RFD'S radio reply to an emergency outback. Nixon did fly the injured stockman and on the journey was enabled to discuss the Christian growth of his children, explain more clearly each one's need for Jesus Christ, and lead the stockman to Christ, all in the flight on the way. See 'Snippets from Les' at www.outbackpatrol.com.au

For Veteran aeroplane aficionados ... buy yourself the recent copy of the Classic Wings magazine (Australia & New Zealand),
with the cover picture of a brand new De Havilland DH84 Dragon plane flying at Brisbane, and see inside the photo spread which shows Les Nixon's former Dragon, VH-SNB (1961-1975) as it is now on display in an English Museum of Flight, and a picture of the Dragon in 1943 WWII livery as it was used by the RAAF for Navigational and Radio pilot training. Les and Martha flew this plane from 1961 to launch the work of Outback Patrol and carry Gospel teams all over Australia.

Additional Copies
of Nixon's 4-page leaflet,Wings as Eagles, the Christian story of the Wright Brothers' Centenary of Aviation Commemoration, from December 1903, are available upon request.


Again, we've answered calls for help outback and sent volunteers to bush towns to serve families in the Name of the Lord Jesus christ, and will continue to do so. The work could not continue without the support of volunteers, and the generous donations of the Lord's people.

  • 100% of your drought support has been distributed in '03, and still is going with nothing deducted for expenses.
  • Volunteer Patrol teams kept up the outreach since the winter months and October, highlights of their ministry year.
  • Be sure to keep your Will in His Will. Include the Outback patrol in your Will, too. Opportunities appear daily.
  • Urgent regular prayer for rain continues with church groups in scores of places. Share with the group near you.
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