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Listen to F W Boreham on the Old Wireless

Especially to those who enjoy reading the F. W. Boreham books, but wonder how the man's voice would have sounded preaching a hundred years ago?

We know of his content and theology from his writings. But, as he made such an impact world wide, we are curious about his enunciation, delivery and structure.

I asked ABC radio (Australia) about this in the 1990's, and they retrieved from their archives five of his Melbourne 4min. radio devotionals, and recorded them on to an audio cassette tape for me, strictly for study and research purposes. They are not for broadcast or for sale. They are wholly owned by the ABC (Australia) radio archives.

For this purpose, Andrew Corbett in Tasmania has placed them on his College Web site, and if you wish to hear the real voice of F. W. Boreham from the 1940's log on to:

http://www.findingtruthmatters.org/devotions/boreham.html ... and scroll to the bottom of the Boreham page, and you'll upload the audio devotionals, there.

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