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Outback Patrol National HQ
36 Georges Crescent,
Georges Hall, NSW 2198

Phone: 02-9727-2759

Les Nixon's Patrol Institute Book

The Words of Jesus The Master Teacher

Order your copy NOW!       
AU$15, plus $5 p&p -  (US$12:95).

In Australia ...CLICK HERE to Email your order
In the U.S. and Canada: CLICK HERE to order online

This book is packed with practical teaching.... Read how Les handled the drunk interjector....

What others are saying about this book

'Telling is not teaching, and listening is not learning When the Lord Jesus Christ told us "How to say it" he may have meant that there is a difference between teaching and listening that we should know about.' – Craig Skinner

'I love everything Les writes. It is so practical and down to earth.' – Martin Web, pastor Church at the Bay

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