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July 10, 2015

The meeting for the 53rd Outback Patrol AGM, and the 107th meeting of Members reaffirm gratitude to God for His Abundant Faithfulness to us during more than 60-years of active Evangelistic ministry. All is recorded in the Company's Minutes.

See Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 28:28 and Romans 15:20.

The members look back with thanks for the numerous volunteer evangelists and pilots who have served, amazement at what God is now doing in remote towns in the cause of the Gospel, and anticipate continued blessing with the flying patrols in the months and years ahead. Some remote schools have pre-booked a Patrol team for the February next year, and following. It jealously guards the high calling of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the respect it has gained with outback contacts over the years.

Around 4300 of the monthly Explorers Magazine, a 4-page Gospel newspaper, are mailed to hundreds of remote schools and homesteads regularly. Editors have been, Joan Thompson, Ruth Lamb, Michelle Riabkoff, Martha Nixon and Naida Kubert. This is a vital regular core ministry, now in its 35th year.

The general atmosphere and essence in many inland towns is considerably different now than it was fifty years ago. The impact of the regular Explorers Magazine being read in schools and homes, and the occasional team visits has had a profound influence for good. Many of the aged, the schools, and the parents have been hearing the Gospel, and heeding it. Children are no longer as pagan.

Vision's 24-hour satellite Christian FM radio since 2014 is a vital factor, too. Outback Patrol has sponsored receiver/transmitters in many outback towns. Modest token emergency survival funds are often provided to struggling Christian farming families during droughts. One agency reported our funds at the right moment stopped impending suicides.

As the Lord in His gracious pleasure has given strength in good and bad times, we trust Him to continue the same into the future. The Members voluntarily accept the opportunity to continue the ministry that Les and Martha Nixon began in 1955. (The Nixons celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 2015, and continue hands-on Patrol management, as the Lord provides.)

The Outback Patrol belief is that it has been raised by up God as an agency to offer to evangelists and pilots of all Christian persuasions the regular challenge and opportunity to use their gifts and talents to help reach these people for Christ: those who live in remote towns too small for a church or a missionary. It does not dictate to volunteer evangelists how they present their ministry, other than Bible based, and within the conservative tradition. (Others are disinterested.) We are to be an encouragement without fee or favour to lonely Christian families who live in those isolated places.

We reaffirm our historic Biblical Financial Policy. As a faith-based ministry, we patiently await the Lord’s provision of our daily needs through His people. If we don't have it, we don't spend it. We practice open book fund policy, with annual audited financial balance sheets for Members. We always live within our budgets, and remain debt free, with a modest fund balance on hand at all times. The Mission owns no property or investment portfolio.

In the 1980s, Nixon, in consultation with flying pastor Trevor Meares of the Toowoomba Churches of Christ, agreed that the primitive conference phone hookup that Outback Patrol had developed to inland schools for the purpose of teaching Christian Scripture, may be a useful tool for the isolated Christian farmers he served, to create an Outback Phone Church. Conference phones replaced the noisy and undependable HF long range radio. commonly known as ’The Gallah Session”. The Outback Phone Church at 8:30am Sundays continues in farmers hands to this day. Meares has retired.

It is also noted that the traditional Protestant Denominations, who placed patrol Clergy in some outback towns, seem to have reduced their manpower in recent years. If this is so, Outback Patrol will continue to grasp every opportunity to represent the Christian Church in needy places, and direct interested people to the church of their choice.

This is our Affirmation. It is written, tabled and approved, in the spirit of a present-day John Flynn.

As in .... Romans 15:20 "It has always been my ambition to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation .... as it is written ; those who were not told about Him will see and those who have not heard will understand."

The members also acknowledge with awe the seven former members who have either retired in good faith, or are deceased. We stand on tall strong shoulders. (Retired: Brian Wiillersdorf, Les Draper and David Maddock. Deceased: Harold and Anne Nixon, Brian Tizzard and Milton Fludder.)

2015 Chairman: Steve Ward.

Signed: The Seven Members of the Board of Directors, Outback Patrol Institute Limited. LN MN DN GH SW DW and AW. Registered with the Charities Commission as a Faith based not-for-profit Religious Charity, with its own charter, since 1961, approved by the Charities Commission. ... ABN 30 000 314 072.

Former Patrol Teams and Evangelists are: Graham Barnett, Jo Ann Rysdyk, Martha Nixon, Bonnie Plint, Keith Thompson, David Nixon, Richie Gunston, Exponent Brass, Glenys McDonald, Ruth Hayslie, Graham Wade, Mel Stevens, Dove Singers, Rob Hopkins, Graham Sharman, Jonathan Nixon, Goodfellow Puppets, Russell Wescombe, Ian Jones, (Rev.) George Rees, Clive Way, George Galieh, Bruce McIntyre, Lloyd Beasy, Wally Ronald, George Kinsher, Tassy Singers, Adrian Ross Didge, Garry Thompson, Garry Goodnews Reynolds, Julian and Bec Breeds, (Rev.) Mike Dennis, Christmas Love Boxes, YWAM, Brett Cardwell, Ruth and Jeannie Christensen, Garry Jackel, Brown Puppets, Graham McDonald, Daniel Nixon, Steve Chard, Cowell Puppets Sketching and Music, Covenant Players Drama, Quizworx Puppets, Peter Moss, Jim Irwin, Frank McInnes, Jim Duffecy, and Dick Innes teaching ... And others....

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